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mars 25, 2015

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décembre 15, 2014

septembre 21, 2014

Japanese poet, psychiatrist, kazuhiro kamiya*s first novel
art director - ichigo yamamoto cccouk, art works - hiromi suzuki : click to enlarge

juin 2, 2014

Horizon, a clothesline strung between crabapples. A forgotten dress, that far away,bleached invisible by a succession of summer days until a thunderstorm drenches it blue again, as it is now, and despite the distance, a foam of rain drops at its hem sparkles, just before the wind lifts it into a wave that breaks against the man framed in a farmhouse doorway. 

‘Inland Sea’ Stuart Dybek

mai 23, 2014

Merci , byogakudo , S&C ©ichigo yamamoto, cccouk

février 27, 2014

‘Ms. cried’-77 poems by hiromi suzuki, 28 photographs by cccouk aka. ichigo yamamoto / kisaragi publishing / 2013.11.22 on sale / ISBN978-4-901850-42-1

© mainichi newspaper. 2014.2.27 毎日新聞夕刊・城戸朱理氏の現代詩月評『詩の遠景近景』